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National Cheeseburger Day!!


OMG! Here’s another post about our Favorite Food!!!MORE

Who serves the best Cheeseburger in Kat Country?

Some of our favorites:

  • In-N-Out
  • Flips in Stockton
  • Squeeze In, Tracy & Stockton
  • Farmer Boys
  • Fudruckers, Modesto

Friday Night Lights! Game of the week CCHS vs Manteca

Modesto View & Kat Country were at Central Catholic High School for Friday Night Lights vs Manteca Buffaloes!


The Raiders were able to pull off the win 35 to 28.

Check out the photos from Modesto View Photographer Michael J. Mangano.


Fumbles and penalties kept the game close between Central Catholic High vs Manteca. The Raiders were able to pull off...

Posted by ModestoView on Saturday, September 15, 2018



Top Apps You Didn’t Know You Really Need!!!




The new iPhone Xs is available for pre-order this weekend!!! ( $1,000 if you have the money…)

More room for those cool Apps you always love to use.

Here’s a list of the coolest Apps that you really need on your phone:MORE

Photomath is a great way to never learn how to actually do math. If that sounds like something you’re into, well, you’re in luck. Simply use your camera phone to scan a math problem and Photomath will do the mystifying calculations on your behalf.

RunPee. Yes, this app actually uses the user-submitted information to let you know when the best time for a bathroom break is during popular movies playing in theaters. The math can be a little off from time to time, but for such a strange app, it works shockingly well.

Fake Call can be used for prank purposes – such as making your friends believe that a celebrity is calling you – but this underrated apps’ greatest function is as a diversion. If you ever need to take a fake phone call to escape a situation, Fake Call can dial you and allow you make an escape.

 Deliveries compiles all of your incoming shipment information into one place. It works with just about every major retail shipping service out there and is updated as frequently – if not more frequently – than the built-in trackers most online stores use.

Temp Mail is a temporary email service. It allows you to create an email address that is deactivated a few days after it is created. Why would you ever want that? Well, think of all the services that require you to provide an e-mail address that you’d rather not give your actual e-mail address to.

Tunity helps you squash that minor annoyance. This app allows you to tune-in to the volume of any television that’s nearby. You just scan for a TV, let the app pick up the audio, and you can choose to listen in through your headphones or speaker.

DrunkModeThis app is designed to make drunk you a much more stable individual. From letting you find your friends and other Drunk Mode users to a feature that lets you block certain people in your contact list while you’re drinking, Drunk Mode might just save you from some socially awkward situations the next time you go out. It even lets you create a trail of digital breadcrumbs in case you get lost.

Yes, Flush helps you find nearby toilets.

MarcoPolo is a face-to-face messaging app for one-to-one and group conversations—Chat with friends and family real-time (walkie talkie style), or respond when it’s convenient. No need to wait for everyone to be live. 

ClassDojo  is a  safe, and simple communication app for teachers, parents, and students. Must be set up by teachers & School.

Dario Smart Glucose Meter, glucose readings are automatically uploaded to our secure, cloud-based server. Add your carbs and insulin doses to give yourself and your caregivers real-time tools and actionable information towards improving how you manage your diabetes with control of Blood Glucose.

Sleeping in bed

Fall Asleep Fast With This Trick

A sound Night’s Sleep May be just 2 Minutes Away!

There is a secret method the U.S. military supposedly came up with that can put you to sleep in TWO minutes.  Here are the five steps you need to follow.

The first four are all about relaxing your body.  Then #5 gets oddly specific about what to picture in your mind . . .

1.  Relax your face, including your tongue, jaw, and the muscles around your eyes.

2.  Drop your shoulders as low as they can go.  Then relax your arms one at a time.

3.  Breathe out, and relax your chest.

4.  Relax your legs, starting with your thighs and then your calves.

5.  Picture yourself in a calm location, like lying in a canoe under a clear blue sky. . . or lying in a black velvet hammock in a dark room.  And if you’re still not asleep, repeat the phrase “don’t think, don’t think” over and over again in your head.

It might not work at first.  But the military found that when people kept at it for six weeks, it had a 96% success rate.

Sleep Well !


Trophy cup

Wednesday Hall of Fame

Every Wednesday D.J. Walker in the Morning looks for someone who holds the record for something in particular.


Most un-read messages

Chauntae holds the record in the Wednesday Hall of Fame for the most Un-Read messages at almost 300,000!!!



Longest Commute

Rocky from Linden clocks in with the Longest Commute. 135 miles one way from Linden to Fresno, every weekday!!



Hotest Job

The Hottest Job goes to working the line at the Glass Bottling Plant in Merced! Molten glass gets up to 2000 degrees F!!




40 Great White Sharks Spotted in Aptos / Santa Cruz

Thinking about heading to the coast this weekend? MORE

The Video Description says it all…

Maybe 40 is a little overstated… but We’ve heard about this before. Never heard of any shark attacks in the area though, which is good, but still. I’ll just beach my self and swim in the pool.