From Picked-On to Posing: Alan Ritchson’s Turn as Reacher Scores an Unexpected Fan

Once upon a time in the land of mullets and muscle cars, our hero Alan Ritchson suffered the slings and arrows of adolescent angst. Fast forward through a modeling career, a melody on American Idol, to donning the mantle of Jack Reacher, and you’ve got yourself more than just a glow-up—you’ve got sweet, selfie-seeking redemption. Ritchson’s chance encounter with a former high school adversary wanting a pic is the plot twist we all wish for. There’s no underestimating the long shadow cast by high school hallways, but Ritchson is living proof that the best comeback doesn’t always require a comeback—it’s living well, and maybe throwing in a smile for the camera.

What happened when you had an awkward encounter with someone from your past who didn’t quite remember how they treated you?

— DJ Walker

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