Your FaceApp “Old” Photo Could Now Be In The Hands of Russia!

Surprise! That Funny FaceApp Photo…has your Personal Info attached to it!

If you think your photos are just the silly selfie you took ,or your indulgent diner at Pietro’s in Lodi… think again.



They are full of Metadata added by your phone, and the software that’s used to take them like Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and…FaceApp!!!
They contains data like your location, the date it was taken and all kinds of boring photography info like Aperture, Exposure, F-Stop etc.
Here’s what’s on a photo I took on the 4th of July at the Stockton Ports game with Instagram:


And…now that everyone has downloaded the FaceApp which… as reported by USA Today, is a “St. Petersburg, Russia-based” app which can collect all your photos and the data associated with them.

To stop your location from being used, goto your settings on your phone, -> Privacy and check which apps are using your Location. Also goto your phone’s System Services and turn off and service that you don’t want keeping track of what your do and where you go.
If you want just a basic photo, without Big Brother looking over your shoulder, get an Old School disposable camera… you’ll look Retro & Hip.


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