Do You Really Need A Smart Diaper?

Pampers is making a ‘Smart’ Diaper. Um…yes, really. 

Photo courtesy of CNN

Yep…Soon, there’s an app for your baby’s Crap.

Pampers announced a new line of smart diapers that will somehow track a babies pee, poop and sleep.

There called the Lumi by Pampers. ..and there’s a wait list!

How does it work? Instead of lifting baby’s smelly butt nose high, the diaper has a sensor that connects the front of the diaper and will alert you on your connected smart phone when they’ve done their business.

Do we really need this?

Is this lazy parenting?

Or… could this be helpful if your child has a medical condition that needs constant monitoring?

As a parent of 3… the kids are usually the best monitor… and they have ways of letting you know when a diaper is full!




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