Dierks Bentley Has Beers With Breland & Hardy

Dierks Bentley Has Beers With Breland & Hardy

Dierks Bentley‘s new song “Beers On Me” features two special guest vocalists – Hardy & Breland

Dierks shares the story behind the song, “I had so much fun writing this song ‘Beers On Me’ with my friends HARDY, Ashley Gorley, Ross Copperman and Luke Dick. It took five of us to write this song, and then I got in the studio with HARDY and then Breland came in and wrote a whole nother verse to it. So, there’s actually six guys writing this song, but we had so much fun doing it. One of my favorite songs I’ve written in a long time. I love the idea of just buying everybody a beer. We all have problems that we’re going through, but on a Saturday night or Thursday night or Friday night, whatever night I’m on the road, we’ve got no problems and that’s what this song is all about.”

Check out this performance video of “Beers On Me” from Dierks, Breland & Hardy…

Photo Courtesy of Dierks Bentley


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