LANCO Wants to Have a Relationship With Their Fans

LANCO Wants to Have a Relationship With Their Fans

Country music artists and their fans have always had a special relationship.

The guys in LANCO know what it’s like to have dedicated fans that are there from the start…but as lead singer Brandon Lancaster says, “I think from day one we never really set out to have fans, we more just thought of having these people that come to our shows that we connect with, that we have a relationship with, so, that’s been really cool.”

Brandon adds, “It’s really cool when you see some of the same faces at different shows because you do have a relationship with them you know.”

Brandon says that it’s great to have people as invested in their career as the guys in the band are, “We understand our music obviously we create our music, but if there’s anyone that understands our music as much as we do it’s the people that you see in multiple times and listen to a lot and have really connected to it enough to see multiple shows…so that’s really fun for us because it’s a, there’s just a loyalty there, and it feels like we have a relationship with that person.”

LANCO fans can’t wait to see the band on the road again so they can see this one live…check out the music video for “Near Mrs.”

Photo Courtesy of Sony Music Nashville


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