Ingrid Andress Celebrates One Year of Her Album Lady Like

Ingrid Andress Celebrates One Year of Her Album Lady Like

Ingrid Andress is celebrating the one year of her album Lady Like being out.

In a hand written note about the project, Ingrid shares, “Wow. I feel like my album Lady Like came out yesterday and 10 years ago at the same time. But it’s only been a year. A beautiful, difficult, life changing year. Thank you all for listening to my stories and songs and sharing this journey with me. I can’t wait to be able to tour this album and meet all of you in real life. You mean the world to me. And it’s even more crazy that this is only the beginning! xo, Ingrid”

When it came to naming the album, Ingrid says, “I think I picked the name Lady Like for the album because as a new artist, you want people to know who you are, and what you stand for…so, to me, Lady Like really encapsulates my beliefs as a person and I think that is a really important thing to state at the beginning of your career.”

While the title track is at country radio now, her song “More Hearts Than Mine” is nominated for Single of the Year at next month’s ACM Awards. Talking about the nominated track, “’More Hearts Than Mine’ is about bringing somebody back to meet your family, that you’re dating and how much of a big deal that is…I feel like we never think about it, but I wrote it about my family – cause there’s 7 of us, and it’s a really big deal if I bring somebody back to meet them.”

And when it comes to her current single and the title track of the album, Ingrid says “Lady Like” sets a standard for her music that she hopes all of her songs can achieve “It’s just an empowering song and I wanted that to be kind of the whole vibe of all of my music…is just owning who you are, owning who I am, being honest, being real, and I think all of those characteristics are things that we all strive to be.”

Lady Like the album, and Deluxe version of it too, is available wherever you go for your favorite music–and you can check out the music video for “Lady Like” right here…

Headline Photo Credit: Lauren Dunn

Additional Photos Courtesy of Ingrid Andress


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