Shy Carter is Grateful That Today Is Showing Some “Good Love”

Shy Carter is Grateful That Today Is Showing Some “Good Love”

Shy Carter‘s single “Good Love” is at country radio right now, and next Friday you can catch it on Today!

When Shy got to break the news about performing on the 3rd hour of the Today on March 12th, he shared “Woooooooooo!!!!! Hallelujah!!! The TODAY show!!!! I’m so so grateful!! It’s gonna be fun!! Thanks to everyone who has helped make this happen!!!”

Shy also added, “I’m beyond excited to be on the TODAY Show. I’m extremely grateful that this legendary show is welcoming me to come and sing. It means the world to me, and we are going to be performing a very special acoustic version of ‘Good Love.’ I can’t wait! Wooo!”

Talking about the track Shy says, “This song, ‘Good Love,’ is all about somebody really being there for you when you feel like you can’t make it. When you feel you’re dying…you’re on your last breath, they come around and they show you that kind of love, and that kind of compassion and let you know that they won’t let you fall. That they’ll bring you through, and it brings you back to life. It gives you new energy, new hope, new passion, and this song is a testament to those kind of people coming through for you.”

Make sure to check out Shy on Today on the 12th, but until then you can check out the music video for his “Good Love” right here…

Photo Credit: Robby Klein


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