Dan + Shay Show You How To Make Your Own Bed

Dan + Shay Show You How To Make Your Own Bed

With technology these days, more and more people can make studio quality music right at home.

This was very helpful to Dan + Shay during 2020’s quarantine when it came time to make their song “I Should Probably Go To Bed.”

First, when it came to the writing of the song, the guys say that it actually was started on the West Coast, and finished in Nashville with some time in between.

Dan Smyers explains, “We wrote this song in Los Angeles during Grammy week, I think we had about 4 hours to spare…we jumped into the studio with our friends. And I think we got a verse and a chorus down…we didn’t have the whole song written. We were back in Nashville a few weeks later…maybe a few months later…Some time had passed, at my house working on some other songs, and we sat down at the piano…just kind of messing around and the rest of the song just kind of wrote itself. This song has one of the most impressive vocals I’ve ever heard in my life, your vocals on this…absolutely insane.” 

Shay Mooney graciously responded to the compliment with, “Thanks man.”

After listening to the final version of the song, both Dan + Shay shared, “So proud of the way it turned out”

But between it being written cross country and then it being played on country radio, a little production happened.

Dan recently shared a step-by-step tutorial of how he put the song “I Should Probably Go To Bed” together, “Starting from scratch, here’s how we produced ‘I Should Probably Go To Bed’ at home during quarantine. check it out and comment your favorite part! thanks for all the love on this song. we’re so proud of the way it turned out and your kind words mean the world! 

check out the video here…

Photo Credit: Catherine Powell


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