Jon Pardi Wants To Party Like It’s 2019

Jon Pardi Wants To Party Like It’s 2019

Everyone is a little punch drunk coming out of 2020…but hopefully there’s a return to normal coming up soon.

Jon Pardi can be counted among the many Americans who are hoping the COVID vaccine allows life to get back to what it use to be, “For next year – 2021 – I’m looking forward to some kind of medication/vaccine to help people, to make people immune to this virus that is ruining EVERYTHING!” 

I think everyone feels the way Jon does, and he hopes that the future is just like the past, “So, I look forward to that and hopefully we’ll get that going and then we’ll be back to concerts and full capacity sports games and bars and honky tonks and — it looks like 2019. Remember 2019? That was awesome.”

If the prescription is for “Heartache Medication,” Jon is the man to help…

Photo Credit: Jim Wright


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