Check Out Dierks Bentley’s New Look In His Video For “Gone”

Check Out Dierks Bentley’s New Look In His Video For “Gone”

The music video for Dierks Bentley’s “Gone” is out now, and it is definitely one not to miss.

Dierks covers many roles in it and as he says, “It just always ends poorly for me in this video.”

He starts out as the main role of the disheveled guy watching TV…

but as that guy channel surfs, Dierks jumps around from character to character producing some interesting looks…

From a 1970s guy to someone who looks strangely familiar if you’re a fan of The Office, Dierks has it covered.

Dierks admits making the “Gone” video was a blast, “I definitely had a lot more fun making it than it looks though…we got to film a bunch of scenes inspired by some of my favorite shows like The Office, MacGyver, Game Of Thrones and Full House.” The video for “Gone” also allowed Dierks to work with some new directors who energized him throughout the shoot, “I left at the end of a really long day feeling really happy and inspired about a kind of sad song.”

Check out the music video for Dierks Bentley’s “Gone” right here…

Photo Credit: Jim Wright
Video Images courtesy of GreenRoom PR


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