Watch Baseball-Playing Brett Young Go Back to His College Roots in New Video for “Catch”

Watch Baseball-Playing Brett Young Go Back to His College Roots in New Video for “Catch”

Brett Young will try to score his sixth consecutive No. 1 single with the release of “Catch” on June 3. The new tune, which was co-penned by Brett, Ashley Gorley and Ross Copperman, is the second single released from Brett’s 2018 sophomore album, Ticket to L.A.

“‘Catch’ is a song that I wrote with Ashley Gorley and Ross Copperman, and it was a song that kinda was born out of another song,” says Brett. “We were in a write and somebody threw out the word ‘catch’ as an idea, as just a word in a line of the song. Ashley Gorley stood up and said he’d be right back, and he walked outside and he came back and he goes, ‘Okay, we gotta book another write, because I’ve got an idea for a song called “Catch,” where it’s a play on the word “catch” and I think we can go a lot of places with this, I’m very excited.’”

The songwriting trio reconvened a short time later to grind out the catchy new idea.

“We got back together, and just got really excited about, not only the kinda tongue-in-cheek, play-on-word nature of it, but also I think it’s kind of normally the girl that goes out with her girlfriends hoping not to meet a guy or not to be bothered by guys, and we just thought it was kind of a fun twist on it—the guy going out to spend time with his buddies, and ends up seeing a girl and the rest was history. And so it’s a fun one for me and the play on words with ‘catch’, but also, me having spent so much of my life playing baseball.”

Directed by Seth Kupersmith and filmed at Brett’s alma mater—the University of Mississippi (Ole Miss)—the video chronicles the semi-autobiographical story of the former college baseball pitcher and an early love interest.

Watch the new video for “Catch” below.

photo by Tammie Arroyo,


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