Tracy Lawrence Marches On With 16th Studio Album, “Made in America” [Listen to Lead Single]

Tracy Lawrence Marches On With 16th Studio Album, “Made in America” [Listen to Lead Single]

Tracy Lawrence will release his 16th studio album, Made in America, on Aug. 16.

The 12-song offering features eight songs co-penned by Tracy. Additional songwriters include Chris Stapleton, Flip Anderson, Monty Criswell and more.

“I am extremely proud of my new album,” says Tracy. “It is possibly the most personal album I have ever released. I co-wrote eight out of the 12 songs, pouring my heart and soul into each of the songs. I feel it will resonate with my fans and country music lovers across this nation.”

Tracy, who scored a number of No. 1 hits in the 1990s with songs like “Time Marches On” and Texas Tornado,” shared the new album’s title track/lead single on May 24. The new tune, which was penned by Tracy, Rick Huckaby and Adam Sanders, celebrates the hardworking men and women that exemplify American fortitude.

Listen to “Made in America” below.

Made In America Track List & Songwriters

  1. Made in America (Tracy Lawrence, Rick Huckaby, Adam Sanders)
  2. Forgive Yourself (Tracy Lawrence, Rick Huckaby)
  3. Running Out of People to Blame (Tracy Lawrence, Carson Chamberland, Mark Nesler)
  4. When the Cowboy’s Gone (Tracy Lawrence, Wyatt McCubbin, Carson Chamberland)
  5. Nothin’ Burns Like You (Tracy Lawrence, Carson Chamberland, Mark Nesler)
  6. First Step to Leaving (Tracy Lawrence, Mark Nesler, Rick Huckaby)
  7. It Ain’t You (Tracy Lawrence, Paul Nelson, Rick Huckaby)
  8. Givin’ Momma Reasons To Pray (S. Camp, Chris Stapleton)
  9. Work On My Willie (Tracy Lawrence, Rick Huckaby, Flip Anderson)
  10. Chicken Wire (Monty Criswell, Rick Huckaby)
  11. Just the South Coming Out (Rick Huckaby, Wade Kirby)
  12. Stay Back a Hundred Feet (Monty Criswell, Rick Huckaby)

photo by Tammie Arroyo,


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