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Two Utah deputies were shot in an altercation with a man near sheriff’s office

Two Salt Lake County Sheriff’s deputies were shot near the sheriff’s office building Saturday morning by a man during an altercation, authorities say. The deputies were doing campus security on the sheriff’s office property and around the Salt Lake County Metro Jail when an altercation began around 10:30 a.m. local time, Salt Lake County Sheriff…MORE

The little-known history of the Black ‘Concrete Cowboy’

The little-known history of the Black ‘Concrete Cowboy’

In Philadelphia, a Black cowboy in a white undershirt and a gold chain wrangles a wayward horse. Teens pile hay and clean up manure near brick row houses. Men and women ride cantering horses down a city street as cars pass by. These are scenes from “Concrete Cowboy,” a new Netflix movie starring Idris Elba…MORE

For many sufferers of long Covid, proving they are sick is a big part of the battle

Lyth Hishmeh kept feeling ill months after contracting coronavirus a year ago in March. He had chest pain and couldn’t concentrate. At 26 years old, the former regular runner was fatigued and breathless, struggling to function properly. Yet medical professionals kept telling him he simply could not still be ill. “They were telling me it’s…MORE

The time has come to start training the pets for your return to work

Pets — like their humans — had to adjust during the pandemic. They got used to people being at home most of the time, just as people learned how to juggle caring for their pets while also doing their jobs remotely. But now, with Covid-19 vaccinations picking up, if you have a pet, it’s time…MORE


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