Miranda Lambert Releases Lively New Single, “Settling Down” [Listen]

Miranda Lambert Releases Lively New Single, “Settling Down” [Listen]

Miranda Lambert will follow up her recent No. 1 single, “Bluebird,” by releasing “Settling Down.”

Penned by Miranda, Luke Dick and Natalie Hemby, “Settling Down” is featured on Miranda’s 2019 album, Wildcard. The mid-tempo tune will impact country radio on Sept. 21.

The new single juxtaposes Miranda’s wanderlust with her desire to spend time at home.

“My mom always tells me—it’s where the line [in the song] comes from—but she would always say, ‘You’re a wild child and a homing pigeon,’ because I really love to be home,” says Miranda. “I love my animals and my family and, you know, making casseroles and listening to Merle Haggard. I love to be on my own porch, but I also can leave and be ready to go anywhere in 15 minutes. I just need a guitar and some fringe and I’m ready to roll out the door. Everything else you can buy at Target, you know what I mean? I have this itch always to find a new adventure, but I’m always so ready to just walk through my own front door.”

Listen to “Settling Down” below.

photo by Curtis Hilbun, AFF-USA.com


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