What’s the Strangest Place You Fell Asleep

Yesterday I fell asleep in the Barber’s Chair! I went in to get my beard trimmed and the great things about it is – they kick the barber chair back so you’re essentially laying down. Then comes the best bit – they wrap your face in a hot towel to soften your beard.

So the towel goes on and it’s soooooo relaxing. Next thing I know – my barber is shaking me awake. I snap out of it and he says, “We’re done – you’re all set.”

It was TOO relaxing!

I was in there for 40 minutes…but it only felt like 5! I missed the other hot towels, the straight razor…all of it!

I feel cheated.

So I fell asleep in the Barber Chair…What is the strangest place you’ve fallen asleep?


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