They met through Kat Country 103…

TWENTY years ago!!!

This is the coolest story ever. A few days ago, I got a really cool message from a listener named Tiffany.

“This year, 2020 marks a milestone for my family.
In October of this year, will be 20 years that my husband and I have been married and we have KAT country to thank for it.”

So back in 1999, Kat Country 103 had something we called “The Kat Country Dateline”. I’m not sure exactly how it worked, but clearly….IT WORKED! Tiffany and her husband met through the service and fell in love *awwww*.


They got married. Had 3 beautiful children and have lived an amazing life together for 20 years now.






Isn’t this the coolest thing?!


Thank you so much to Tiffany and her beautiful family for sharing their story and for being lifelong listeners to The Kat!


Congratulations on 20 years…and here’s to 20 more!


Team Kat


(Photos c/o of Tiffany Emmett-Gracey)


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