Dr. Eggleston at Eggleston Dental Care In Turlock Gave Me My Smile Back

When I first went to see Dr. Eggleston at Eggleston Dental Care in Turlock I could barely smile and eating was a challenge. Among a host of other issues, both of my canine teeth had crowns that had cracked and failed. I was gluing them in with Polydent each day.  I had them re-cemented by my old dentist in the past but by the time I met with Dr. Eggleston they were too far gone to re-cement. Sometimes I would be talking and the Polydent would fail and my tooth would fall out mid-conversation. It was embarrassing and I would always have to check the tightness of the Polydent before I dared to smile. It made me self-conscious. I would actually pull both teeth out to eat for fear I would swallow them while I was eating.

So I broke down and decided I needed to finally get dental implants. Dr. Eggleston met with me and did a consultation and mapped out the entire dentition of my mouth and made a plan. The work I needed was extensive so he decided to address my needs in 3 separate projects. Thankfully the first part of this plan was getting implants where my canine crowns had failed. Dr. Eggleston pulled what was left of the roots of these teeth, prepped them for implants. In the meantime he installed temporary bridges that looked so good I actually received compliments on how great my teeth looked! A few months later he installed the implants and new crowns. When the work was done he held a mirror to my face and asked me how I felt. I smiled big and was overwhelmed. I said “Dr. Eggleston, I can’t tell you…” and I couldn’t finish my sentence because I was overcome with emotion. He looked at me and said “Andy, you just did”.  You may have heard the commercial about my experience on the air. I can tell you every time I’m driving and it comes on the radio that the same rush of emotion I experienced then, still comes over me.

Now I smile big and eat whatever I want because these implants are anchored in my jaw and feel as real as my natural teeth did. Have a look at the before and after photos (below) and you’ll be able to see why I have a gigantic smile on my face, thanks to Dr. Eggleston! If you’d like to have a smile like Luke Bryan, Carrie Underwood or ME… give Eggleston Dental Care a call now at (209) 634-5871. Dr. Eggleston is the implant expert and he teaches other dentists how to give folks amazing smiles. Call today, you’ll be glad you did.





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