What food “launch” have you waited for?

I waited for this for almost TWO HOURS!


and I ‘m not even mad about it.


Sure, the Popeye’s Chicken Sandwich was totally a social media, viral, weird fluke BUT I decided it would be a fun adventure for my mom “Bean” and I to take one night when we had a break. She got dressed up, and put on her best lipstick. I put pants on. I’m my father’s daughter, clearly.


We waited (after we ordered) for almost two stinkin’ hours to get the sammich EVERYONE was talking about. That, after going to two other stores, only to be told they had run out!


Was it worth it? You bet your bippy it was! That was the best dang sammie I have ever had and I CANNOT wait until they bring it back because this girl is goin back for another!


What is the last fast food “launch” you decided to wait in line for? Was it worth it?




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