Can You Steal Your Neighbor’s Birds?

We just moved to a new place and our neighbor has a hummingbird feeder.  I love

photo courtesy of pixabay

watching those lil’ maniac buzz around – wings flappin’ a mile a minute – they hover there suckin’ the nectar goofy lil’ bird flask.

The princess says – we need to get hummingbird feeder.

I said we can’t do that. We’renew to the neighborhood. We can’t steal our neighbors hummingbirds. This woman will hate us.  We don’t need that kind of drama.

She thinks I’m nuts (but what else is new).

So at the moment our household is torn between getting a hummingbird feeder and just letting our neighbor continue to be the only sugar water source on the block.

what do you think?  If we get a hummingbird feeder are we stealing her birds?

If you give me the green light – i will go get the princess a hummingbird feeder tonight when i get off the air!


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