What’s the Longest It’s Been Missing…Before You Found It?

I lost my wedding band. I haven’t seen it for weeks. Every time I’m about to tell The Princess – I think of another place I want to check before I break it to her. I’m certain there is gonna be some blow back.

The Culprit

But I’ve looked everywhere.  I’ve torn the house apart – searched the car – scoured the gym – I even checked the Kat Studio…


So last night we’re watching TV and I see one of the cats knocking it around the floor.  I don’t know if she found it or she took it to begin with…Whichever – after 3 weeks I was reunited with my ring.


So what’s the longest you’ve lost something…before being reunited with it?

Maybe it was a ring – your keys – a pet.  How long was it missing before you found it.

Please share.


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