What Tourist Attraction Was the Biggest Let Down?

According to a new survey, the worst tourist attraction in the world is…

photo courtesy of pixabay

The Hollywood “Walk of Fame”!

They say the area’s not all that nice – it’s not without danger of violent crime – it’s full of pushy street performers and…it’s a sidewalk.

It may leave a little bit to be desired – but c’mon…the worst in the WORLD?

I think I can top it.

When I was a kid on family vacations to Florida we’d drive by signs for “Ruby Falls” in Chattanooga, TN.  We’d beg and plead for Dad to stop. He would say, “No.  It’s a tourist trap and a waste of money.”  But One year he caved and took us. Were so excited….only to find out that he was too right. We hiked 30

photo courtesy of pixabay

minutes to see a trickle in a cave with some colored lights on it.  Ruby Falls – totally overrated.  #FatherKnowsBest

What do you think is the most overrated Tourist destination?

You were sooooo hyped to see it and when you got there it was a huge let down.  Or maybe you agree the Hollywood Walk of Fame is the worst?

Please share.


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