What is something you ALWAYS wanted to learn, but didn’t?

For me, the list is long…


I was going through some pictures last night and I came across a photo of a friend from college, who was deaf. A flood of memories came back to me, because I can remember watching him sit alone with no one to talk to and in that moment I decided to learn American Sign Language (ASL). Now, don’t get confused here y’all, I CANNOT carry a conversation with someone in ‘short hand’ but I can “finger spell” like crazy!


It was just something I always wanted to learn anyway, and having a friend who used it was the perfect excuse. I still plan to FULLY learn the language one day. Along with Portuguese. My mom can speak a little bit, but living in the Central Valley, there are plenty of opportunities to learn with native speakers! (By the way, I’m Portuguese hahaha)



So as these things usually do, it got me thinking, what is something you ALWAYS wanted to learn but didn’t for whatever reason?




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