What are your road trip must haves?

What makes the PERFECT road trip for  you?


I have done A LOT of driving in my jsghkslflf years (ha!) and there are a few things I ALWAYS have to have in order for my road trip to be perfect.


SN: I have driven the southern part of route 66 four times!!! Holy cow!


For example, I map out all of the Starbucks’ on my route because A) coffee B) clean bathrooms. As long as I have those two things, I’m pretty much good to go.


Of course, there are the snacks too. I have a few that stand out as must haves. Like Nacho Cheese Bugles. Just have to have em. They make your breath smell horrific, and suck all of the saliva from your mouth, but it just doesn’t feel like a road trip without em. I also need orange slices, peach rings, and sour gummies to complete my snack list. Every now and then, a soft pretzel from a gas station will do the trick too.


Also, my tunes. I have a few road trip playlists that I turn to, that all include Willie nelson’s “On The Road Again”, because, obviously!


Now your turn..


Tell me your road trip must haves!




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