Do you have a music memory from your childhood?

Did you wait to hear your favorite song on the radio so you could hit record and pray the dj wasn’t talking over the intro?


Who didn’t do that one huh? I can remember doing the same thing EXCEPT I was a bigger fan of the dj’s hahahaha. I would scan the stations for my favorites just so I could hear what they were saying. I would also have friends in other cities send me tapes of dj’s talking on their fav stations!! Guess I was meant to be a jock!


I can also remember performing with my friends Crystal and Norma on Crystal’s parent front stoop. We had a whole choreographed schtick to Lollipop by the Chordettes that was pure fire y’all! Like, we could have won an award for it, but we got lots of candy and applause from our folks AND even the neighbors, so I guess that’s cool too.


So every time I hear that song, I smile and sometimes, laugh because I can remember every move of that performance!


What are your music memories from childhood?





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