What are the perks of your job?

I mean, I work in radio so the perks are ENDLESS!


I get to go to any concert I want. I get to meet and rub elbows with cool celebs. I get to travel. Its pretty amazing that I get paid for this (do NOT say anything to my boss, or he’ll catch on hahaha).


The thing that makes me most happy at work is the free coffee! Laugh if you want, but coffee ain’t cheap and this girl drinks A LOT of it in a day. I could easily spend 15-20 bucks on coffee if it weren’t for the free stuff at work.


Not to mention, radio people are NOTORIOUS chow hounds and there is ALWAYS FREE food in the break room. Cupcakes. Doughnuts. Fruit. Burgers. Someone is bringing us food all day long.


Got me wondering about the work perks we all get, no matter where you work.


So what are some of yours?




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