What are your Christmas pet peeves?

Even though it’s ‘the most wonderful time of year’, there is a little Grinch in everyone. Bah humbug!


Over the last year, y’all have learned more about me than you probably cared to! (Sorry…) BUT if you didn’t know this, I’ll refresh your memory! I LOVE CHRISTMAS!!! It is my FAVORITE time of year. I have always loved it, even more than my own birthday.


I love the chill in the air. The presents. The food. The lights. The music. Oh gosh, don’t get me started on the music (do yourself a favor and You Tube Darlene Love Christmas (Baby, Please Come Home) right NOW!!). I literally could listen to Christmas music year round!


I get it from my dad. We are total Christmas geeks. There isn’t a thing about it that I don’t like, EXCEPT, parking lots.


Yep, you heard me. I HATE the dang parking lots during this time of year. I already dislike them. They are breeding grounds for rude, reckless driving behavior. First rule of driving according to my dad (I edited this for radio listening. He uses some…hmmmm…choice words when he says it)……“everyone is a jerk, and they are all trying to kill me”. It seems like everyone just forgets their manners, driving skills, and decorum in this environment and I cannot stomach it. God Bless Amazon prime!!


What is YOUR Christmas pet peeve?


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