There Could Be Thousands of Bugs On Your Fresh Christmas Tree!!


When someone says they have the Christmas Bug, Hopefully this is not what they mean!

Here’s how to avoid getting thousands of creepy crawlies in your home!


There could be hundreds or thousands of those bugs on your real tree.
According to Laura Jesse, an Entomologist at Iowa State University.

Some of those might include aphids, bark beetles, mites, praying mantises and spiders according to Jesse.

You probably won’t realize they’re there until after you decorate your tree.
That’s because the eggs that were likely laid on your tree this summer or fall are dormant (or asleep) in the winter. And when the tree sits in your nice, cozy warm home, they think it is spring and hatch.

Here are five prevention steps:

  • “Examine the underside of branches and the trunk.” If you see any branches with eggs, cut them off.
  • “Leave the Christmas tree in your garage for a few days.” This will allow the eggs to warm up and hatch in the garage — and not where you live.
  • “Shake the tree vigorously” over a white sheet to get out any bugs.
  • Use a vacuum to suck up any bugs or eggs on and around your Christmas tree.
  • Use an insecticidal powder while your tree is outside, but don’t use an aerosol pesticide, as those are “usually flammable.”

The best precaution is a non-toxic, natural pesticide called Diatomaceous Earth.

You can find it Here

Have a Merry Christmas!




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