Is This A Ghost KAT?

Check Out This Video. What Do You Think?


I (Jaimee Lee) have actually been investigating haunted locations for about 15 years. If you have ever seen “Ghost Hunters” on Syfy, our investigation team, San Joaquin Valley Paranormal, is affiliated with the show. They would send us cases to investigate in our local area. So my assessment of this video is… It’s not a ghost. I don’t think it’s a fake either. I think it’s a security cam anomaly. If you have a security cam, depending on the quality, you’ve probably seen how it may be slightly jumpy from frame to frame when there’s something moving. When the cat basically evaporates into thin air, I think it’s like when you take a picture with something moving too fast. The picture can turn out blurry or distorted from the movement. Though I have seen a few ghosts with my own eyes…and no I’m not crazy, I have to say this is not a ghost cat. But I want to know what ¬†you think?



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