Dutch Bros Is Cornering The Dog Owner Market!

Image courtesy of Andy West/Cumulus Media

There is nothing I love more than an Annihilator Freeze. It’s a bewitching concoction of a mocha frappe with Dutch Bros “Kicker Mix” which is half and half mixed with something amazing with added Torani Chocolate Macadamia Nut syrup which was obviously invented by a GENIUS (sung opera style). Disclaimer: it is not for the calorie faint of heart. My brother-in-law who owns an espresso bar near the University of Washington in Seattle (coffee snob) calls it a “Big Mac In A Cup” and I’m okay with that!

While plenty of folks love the crazy combinations of coffee drinks, smoothies and lemonades Dutch Bros comes up with some are more discerning. Yep, I’m talking about our 4 legged friends. Dogs love Dutch Bros because of the world famous “Puppaccino”.  As you can see from the rigid body language of my Bichon Frise “Lola” she knows exactly where she is and why she is there. She is so focused and her muscles so taut that I’ll bet if I took my pot bellied dog through the Dutch Bros drive-through 30-40 times per day that she’d have a six pack in no time… or would that be an 18-pack? She has 6 teets so I’m assuming her ripped belly would have more definition too.

All I have to say is “Lola want to go” and she immediately knows she is going to Dutch Bros. Shockingly she doesn’t gin up the same amount of enthusiasm when I ask her if she’s ready to go to the groomers. For a dog owner like me this makes the coffee drive-through experience that much more enjoyable and has become a Saturday and Sunday morning tradition that folks in Lodi get to share in without having to drive to Sacramento or Stockton to take part in as there is a new Dutch Bros at 2602 W. Kettleman. Sante!


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