What is a weird quirk about you that no one knows?

I have NEVER admitted this out loud to anyone other than family!


This will probably not come as any surprise to you all haha but I realized last night, that I’m kinda weird! I was having a conversation with my mom, and she professed that she can’t stand the feel of flannel. I went to bed thinking about that and it occurred to me, I have kind of a weird set of things I don’t like either.


The biggest one being, the feeling of flour! I HATE the feeling of all purpose flour between my hands. It gives me the chills just thinking about it. Its one of the reasons I rarely bake, because I can’t stand it. It literally feels like sand paper on my fingers and it (not being dramatic here) makes me feel a little queasy.


The other weird thing I can’t stand is the feeling of card board. Same sensation as flour, only condensed. I hate having to move because I know I’m going to have to handle boxes, so I decided i will wear gloves…because…weird!


I would call what I just confessed, a quirk. Something a little weird about me that isn’t huge, but makes people kinda go…hmmm…weird.


What is your quirk?




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