What do you HAVE to have to start your day right?

No body talk to me…I need coffee!


Man, I was so tired last night! I popped over to my dad’s after work for a quick visit and the second I hit the chair I was nearly asleep. I just haven’t been able to quite catch up from the weekend. I got home after the visit, made some dinner and was out like a light before 9pm.


I woke up this morning SO looking forward to a nice, warm, creamy cup of coffee to start my day…..when I got to the kitchen I had the fright of my life! NO COFFEE!!! OMG I forgot to go to the store on my way home and grab some! Holy crap…..That means no nice, warm, creamy cup of joe for me 🙁


Can you believe I had to actually just go get ready WITHOUT any coffee this morning? #FirstWorldProblems I had to hit the drive through at Starbucks on the way in JUST so I can get my day started right.


What is THE ONE thing you HAVE to have before you can get going in the morning?


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