When did your body give out on you?

My body is revolting y’all!

This is not a post to just complain about my ailments…if anything, its to make fun of myself for not taking care of myself when I should have! You know, when I was young…

I don’t know about you, but since joining the 40 year old club, my body has been doing some STRANGE things! Literally, the day I turned 40, I woke up and my hip hurt and I had heartburn like you would NOT believe. Like within an hour of being 40….wtf body!?


Lately, I’ve been having some kind of strange alien invasion in my stomach for no reason. Honest to goodness, it feels like the scene from aliens where the thing LAUNCHES out of that guy’s stomach. My stomach has been ON FIYAH and I just couldn’t pin point what the dang problem was!

All last week, I was CERTAIN I had an ulcer. I figured the stress of taking care of my mom may have been getting to me, but alas, I talked to a good friend last night and he works in the medical field. He said he is almost 100% sure I have something called diverticulitis…..I’m sorry, what?! I don’t know about you, but that definitely sounds like something someone in their 40’s would get….son of a!!!

Needless to say, not much you can do about it except eat better, and get lots of rest (yeah, right!).


Got me thinking though, when did your body start its battle against you? Seriously, there is a LEGIT civil war going on in there!




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