I am happiest when……

I am at the beach!

I have always been a water baby. I love anything water related! The pool, lake, river, pond, but mostly, give this girl some sand, sun, Coppertone wafting through the air, surfing, reading and sun kissed skin, and I am beyond happy!!


Not sure why that is, but I think because my dad was/is a “water baby” too. I just feel most at peace when I am in Hawaii, Carmel, Pismo, etc. Hawaii is for sure my “happy place” and I have been to the islands many times.


When I thought about this question last night, it was the FIRST thing that popped into my brain, so I knew that was my answer. To be honest though, I am happy to have a roof over my head, living in a beautiful condo that is mine, a wonderful career with people I like and care about, and most importantly, being home…with my family. You can always come home, right?


When are you happiest?





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