What is the weirdest thing on your bucket list?

No judgement……


Nearly everyone has a bucket list. A list of those things that we would LOVE to do before we die. Things like sky diving, or getting a tattoo, or ending world hunger.


But every now and then you come across some pretty random, hilarious and downright odd things.


Mine is pretty bland, for the most part, BUT there are some funny ones on my list too. I have always wanted to take a photo copy of my bum…..I have always wanted to get into an elevator with a crowd of people and thank them for coming to the meeting….and I have ALWAYS wanted to “object” at a wedding (I’d OBVI be joking..but how funny would it be?!).


So go ahead, admit your goofy, silly and ridiculous bucket list items to me. We’ll both laugh, it’ll be fun.




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