What are some of the dumbest things you believed?

We’ve all been there, so go ahead and own up to your #DumbThingsIBelieved


If we are all being honest there are some things we believed (especially as kids!) that were really dumb. We can blame it on being kids, being young, our parents misleading us (yeah dad, turns out I wasn’t adopted!!) so I was wondering what goofy things you believed when you were a kid.


To this day, I firmly believe that my mom’s chronic back problems were due to my carelessness when it came to walking on sidewalks……(I’ll give ya minute to figure that one out…….#SteppingOnCracksBreaksYourMomsBack)


I also thought that chewing gum and swallowing it would for sure kick off the growth of a gum tree in my stomach. Thanks, mom.


So go ahead, own up to the dumb things you believed as a kid.




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