Worthless Coaching Advice

The Princess and I went to see the Ports play.  Good fun – they lost to the Nuts but still –

photo courtesy of pixabay

We had a blast and Banner Island Ball Park is a great place to see a ball game. But during the game someone behind us was shouting at the pitcher….

“You’re aiming! Don’t aim! Just throw it!!”

What does that even mean?!  Anyway – I was instantly transported back to little league…I can remember standing at the plate and having my coach shout things like:

  • Come on now…just make contact.”

Well, I fouled it off, coach….now what?

  • Okay – Just straighten it out now”

I understand they’re just words of encouragement and support…but play along here:

Tell us YOUR worthless coaching advice.

What are the things your coach – parents or just randoms stands used to shout at you.  Or maybe your child plays sports…what instructions do you give from the stands?


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