The Wind Blew Her Dress Completely OFF!

This is the story and song of  THE most embarrassing Wardrobe malfunction EVER! 

We were talking about wardrobe malfunctions the other morning and a listener told us that on a very windy day while driving up the Altamont Pass she came to a sudden stop in traffic and a 2 gallon jug of drinking water flew around her backseat and broke open, leaking everywhere.

She need to stop the leaking water bottle but, as she pulled over and tried to get out, It was difficult for her to open the car door against the strong wind. She finally got out  in her, as she described ‘very flowy dress’, and tried to get the water jug situation handled.

The wind was so strong it blew her dress up in the back and startled her. When she straightened up, another gust of wind blew her dress up, and completely OFF!

THE most embarrassing Wardrobe malfunction EVER!

It reminded me of the funny stories Jerry Reed tells in his songs… sooo…we put this together!


\”She Stopped The Altimont\” – The Walker HitKickers

Download the Song Here: She Stopped The Altimont


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