Ripon On Ramp To Northbound 99 Closed Until NOVEMBER!!!

Photo courtesy of Andy West/Cumulus Media

I live near downtown Ripon which means that I typically get on northbound 99 to come to work at the palatial studios of Kat Country 103 which are about a mile west of the Stockton Metropolitan Airport Terminal. The last few days, like a fly that keeps flying into a glass door, I keep crossing the bridge on 2nd St. and driving right up to the on ramp because I keep forgetting about the construction going on there. I’m glad they’re doing construction because anything Cal Trans can do to make the morning commute around here better I’m all for BUT why does it have to take just shy of 5 months to get it done? If it was just new pavement that should only take a week or two. I suppose they could widen it but Ripon isn’t Modesto or Stockton, it’s not as if there is a mile long line of cars trying to get on to this particular entry point. Curious.


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