True Tour Bus Story: Wolverine Bling

Do you know How to ‘Wolverine’ a Beer?

Jerrod Niemann came to the San Joaquin County Fair and put on one Helluva a show… and party!!
If you’ve never seen him live, you have to put it on your bucket list. Jerrod and his Band definitely like to have fun on stage… and off!

Last time I ran into Jerrod was April in Vegas during there ACM Awards. But Friday Night was a little, “What Happens In Vegas…”

Following his show he invited me back on his tour bus for a shot of Jack.
“Don’t mind if I do!”, I Said.

One shot turned into two, and then three.
We talked about music, life on the road, family, etc.

The next thing I know Jerrod says,
“D.J.! You HAVE to ‘Wolverine’ a beer with me!”

“What does that mean?”, I asked.

Jerrod grabs a Bud Light, holds it sideways, bites into the middle of the can, then pops the top and guzzles the beer!!!
Like shot-gunning a beer… but you BITE THE CAN!!!

I said, “No way! I’m NOT doing that! I’ll cut myself or something.”

“No! You WILL do it ! You’ll be fine.”, Jerrod insisted.

So we went outside and at the same time… ‘Wolverined’ a beer!
It spilled all over me, but I did it!



Jerrod yelled, “YEAH!!! That was awesome! We’re like… blood brothers!”

Then he took a Punisher style Skull Ring off his right hand and said, “Here I want you to have this!”

“What? I can’t take this!”, I said.

“No I want you to have it! It’s yours.”, He said.

The Wolverines climbed back up on the bus, as the boys in the band cranked up some Jerry Reed and David Allan Coe on the stereo.
We all killed another shot then devoured a bunch of In-N-Out Burgers.

I guess I “Needed a Little Time Off For Bad Behavior” while being initiated into the Dehydration Nation Fraternity!

For now though,  I’ll only ‘Wolverine Beers’ on special occasions.



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