My Exciting Weekend Replacing My Lawn Sprinklers

Photo courtesy of Andy West/Cumulus Media

When I was in my twenties an exciting weekend used to involve a trip to Vegas, a round of golf or going to bars and chasing women. Now that I’m in my fifties, a homeowner and married it involves pulling weeds, cleaning out the pool filter cartridge and replacing my lawn sprinklers. What’s even more sad is that I derived some weird satisfaction out of the DIY element and the fact that they worked correctly afterwards (yeah, I know I need to add some dirt and seed so no one trips over the new sprinkler). So domestic of me.

Next weekend I get to have a garage sale, fix my pool timer and go grocery shopping for my mom who is still recovering from an aneurysm. You might ask me “Andy, how do you handle weekends filled with such excitement?” The answer is power dosing on Vitamin E. I’ve turned into my father… and I didn’t have a cool dad like Darth Vader. My dad was an accountant. He must’ve been a real party to take to Vegas.


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