Self Checkout – Yes or No?

I was at the grocery store yesterday when it hit me – I could work there.  I could walk in, throw on an apron and run the cash register TODAY – without training.

photo courtesy of pixabay

I know EXACTLY how to deal with a barcode that won’t scan – I know how to deal with an item that won’t fit in the bagging area – and I’ve even memorized product codes for items like bananas (it’s 4011 by the way).

I cannot remember the last time I had a cashier ring up my groceries.

I think ALL registers should be self-checkout.  It drives me nuts when there is 35 registers but only two open.  Make every one of them self-check out.  They’re just collecting dust!

So – Self Checkout…Yes or No?  Do you like to hang back and let the cashier do their thang?  OR do you prefer scanning your own groceries?


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