What Old Piece Of Clothing Will You NEVER Part With?

Courtesy of Jaimee Lee

My 28 Year Old Clint Black Tour Shirt…

I think we all have at least one clothing item that we just can’t seem to part with. No matter how many times I’ve made runs to Goodwill, this shirt always stays safe. This shirt is from Clint Black’s 1990 “Killin Time Tour.” I was 10 years old when this shirt was new! The reason I hang onto it is because it is one of the most comfortable shirts I own. By now, it’s just worn out  in all the right places. But it also belonged to my brother, he went to the show when he was in The Navy. Several years later he passed it down to me. My brother passed away a few years ago so it always makes me think of him. And for some reason I always want a beer when I wear it! We’ve all got something that we hang onto that wouldn’t make sense to anyone else. What are you still holding onto that you still wear or use ALL The Time?


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