What Year Was Your Favorite LAC?


Who Was Your Favorite LAC Artist???

In my 15 years at Kat Country (Jaimee Lee) I have been to a few LAC concerts. Growing up in Kat Country, I remember going to the past LAC concerts in high school! Like Toby Keith and Rascal Flatts! But if I had to say my very favorite LAC year, it would have been 2012. Do you remember seeing Jon Pardi for the first time? Or how about Montgomery Gentry who brought the house down! And now that Troy Gentry has passed, the amazing 2012 LAC is even more memorable. You should have seen the alcohol bill for the artists that year. One heck of a party! I want to know your favorite LAC year or artists. Post your pics on our Facebook page!

The late great Troy Gentry. And a very young Jon Pardi!



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