Tax Day



Today is THE day. The day most of the country absolutely dreads. Its….TAX DAY!!!!!!

I have to be super duper honest. I have a legit fear of taxes and money in general. I have never been very good with money, nor have I ever had a through knowledge of it and if I can avoid money “stuff” I do. Like the plague!


Which is all really kind of funny because I have always done my own taxes or taken them to one of those walk in type places. Ya know the ones!  I hop online, plug all the info in, and boom. Done! Doesn’t scare me. The results usually do, but that’s a different story hahaha. The last two years I have owed. This year I waited to the last possible moment to get mine done because the “Tax Day Scaries” hit me hard this year. I just didn’t want to do them because its daunting and scary and gah, I have to pay. But, I did em anyway, ’cause its the law and stuff, but I didn’t like it!


Why is it such a scary thing? Even when I don’t owe, I get freaked out!


Does doing your taxes scare you? What’s the worst experience you’ve ever had?




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