Post Concert Mess Left On The Table At Taco Bell In San Luis Obispo

On Friday night I took my daughter to see an r&b artist named Marc E Bassy at the Fremont Theatre in San Luis Obispo. After the show we went to grab some food at a Taco Bell on Santa Rosa street and saw this mess. I used to live in SLO and the people who live there have always been friendly and had pride in their community. I believe that’s still the case so it’s disappointing to go out to eat and see what pigs there still are among us who have no manners or respect for their fellow man. Actually it’s an insult to pigs to call these people pigs as most pigs would happily clean off this table.

I’ve been to this Taco Bell many times and it’s always been clean but after a big concert fast food restaurants like this get overloaded with diners and it’s hard to keep up, especially when people can’t be bothered to throw out their own garbage or do something as simple as wipe off the table they’ve littered with scraps. Can you imagine creating this mess and just thinking “whatever” and leaving it for someone else to take care of? I can’t but then again I put my shopping cart in the shopping cart return at the grocery store.

Sadly, studies have shown that most people behave in a manner that is in line with the norm. In other words if concert-goers leave a mess at their table it is more likely to lead to others doing the same. Just like if at the grocery store parking lot folks are more likely to not return their carts if they see others have left there’s about as well. That makes it even more important for decent folks like us not to start a trend.


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