One Thousand Bucks – What Would You Do With It?

The Kat Country 103 Workday Payday is on!

photo courtesy of pixabay

Now the question is – what do you do with all that money when you win it?  Here are a few things you can get for a $1000 if you chose to “treat yo’self”!

  1. Drink 235 lattes from Starbucks
  2. See Taylor Swift in concert 16 times (that’s if you sit in the cheap seats)
  3. Spend 8 days at Disneyland
  4. Go on a 7 day Caribbean Cruise (but you will have to get to the Sunshine State)

Having lived in the Caribbean for several years…I’d opt for #4.

photo courtesy of pixabay

Or you could always do something sensible with it like put it in the bank and let it earn interest, invest it in stocks, bonds or Elvis memorabilia or create an emergency fund for…well, emergencies.

But let’s try to get that money in your hands first.  Be sure to listen for the National Keyword – weekdays at 6am, 9am, 12pm and 3pm.  Then text it to 95819 – and you’re entered to win!

It’s the Workday Payday on Kat Country 103!


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