If I Had $1000 Extra Dollars Right Now I Would Do Something Exciting… Pay My Daughter’s Dentist Bills

Image courtesy of Pixabay.com

There is never a good time for unexpected bills. I owe Uncle Sam this year so of course it was a great time to find out I was going to have to go thousands of dollars out of pocket because she apparently hasn’t been flossing… and then, depression set in. Oh how nice it would be to win $1000. That would pay for about half of what I have coming to me. If I didn’t work here I’d have 4 chances per weekday to win but I can’t. It would be pretty fishy if an employee who was on the air won a Kat Country contest but my loss is your gain. I’m one less person you have to compete against.

Do you have big bills? Maybe your financial house is in order but you’d like some extra scratch for a Mothers Day gift, new fishing gear or a big screen TV. Listen every weekday at 6am, 9am, Noon and 3pm for the national keyword and then text it right away to 95819. That’s your entry to win $1000 with the Workday Payday on Kat Country 103. 4K a Day! Good luck!


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