What Happened On Your Spring break? I Was Abducted By Aliens!

Probably like many “Spring Breakers” it’s better that I don’t remember that trip!

So what happened on your spring break trip? I don\’t know if this actually happened..LOL, but we did have some strange experiences. I (Jaimee Lee) was 21 and we took a girls trip in a motor home to Arizona for \”Country Thunder.\” A huge country festival that we\’ve been to many times. However, this trip was different. This was in the middle of the night driving through the desert. My Mom was driving while the rest of us were sleeping…which actually might explain things! Anyways, it must have been a couple hours of drive time that passed by which none of us can account for. Including my Mom who was driving! When we woke up, we found my Mom driving in the same area we had been in when we fell asleep. And she doesn\’t know why we were in the same spot 2 hours later. Okay…maybe Mom isn\’t good with directions? But what about the huge rash that popped up all down my leg that morning? When we stopped at a rest stop I remember saying my leg was really itching but I didn\’t know why? And no, we hadn\’t been drinking on the trip yet! As the trip went on, the rash spread down my entire leg to my chest. Almost purple. I cried the whole way home because no one would come near me and I thought I was dying! After returning home, I immediately went to the Doctor who referred me to a dermatologist. Neither doctor could give me an answer as to what was wrong with me. The Dermatologist concluded it was a reaction to some kind of metal exposure that my leg had come in contact with and it spread across my body. That\’s the part that really freaks me out. Before the rash appeared, I hadn\’t been in any unusual place and it has never returned. Just hope I don\’t have some kind of tracking device in my leg! No wonder I set off metal detectors everywhere! …So what\’s your story??


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