Former “VOICE” Contestant, Molly Stevens Throws Shade At Kelly Clarkson!

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What do you think? Did Kelly’s comments hurt Molly’s chances or does she have a bad case of “sour grapes”

Hey, Jaimee Lee here. Just curious on your thoughts about this twitter war that is brewing between ex “VOICE” contestant, Molly Stevens and Kelly Clarkson. Molly took to Twitter last week to complain about her former coach, Kelly Clarkson. Saying Kelly’s comparisons of Molly to certain artists put her “in a box” and was “small minded.” Wow! I didn’t take Kelly’s comments that way at all, but I also understand taking compliments and criticisms of your work personally. Being in the music industry on a totally different level than Kelly…obviously LOL! But, at the radio station and with record label reps, we are always comparing new artists to another artist style or sound. It’s just natural. I’ve never heard any comparison thrown out as a negative, just observation. I think this was the case with Kelly’s comments too. When you work with music on a daily basis, you automatically hear a certain sound that reminds you of someone. Kelly Clarkson compared Molly’s style and voice to that of Melissa Etheridge, The Indigo Girls and Patty Griffin. I myself thought Molly sounded a lot like Melissa Etheridge. To me, that’s a huge compliment! I don’t think Kelly was trying to put Molly “in a box.” So, what do you think? Did Kelly hurt Molly’s chances or is Molly just complaining? Here is the full article and twitter war to see for yourself and decide. I also posted the original video of Molly’s blind audition where Kelly was actually saying Molly would have a great sound for Country Music!

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